Global Relocation Service is a company specialized in national and international moves, providing different kinds of transport: terrestrial, by sea and by air. We are offering our clients full door-to-door services all around the world due to our wide international partnership network.

Global Relocation Service offers services for outside elevator rental:

  • for companies and individuals
  • maximum load capacity 400 kg
  • extensible, lift up to 27m (+/- floor 7)
  • adjustable, with very large loading platform
  • rental services with handling available throughout the country
  • available for office moves too
  • can be used to build offices, kitchens and to lift building materials

The outside elevator makes the move a much more easier job. Everybody knows how hard it is to move the furniture upstairs or downstairs. Not only stairs, walls and furniture may be damaged, but your back may have suffered.

All this should not happen anymore. You can rent from us the outside elevator including an elevator operator. For just few hours or one day long, everything is possible. Using the outside elevator, the move will be faster, easier and without too much effort. In addition, the risk of damage your furniture is minimal.

Outside elevator rentals request form

Make a reservation and you will receive a free quotation for Outside elevator rental services. Your reservation is valid only after a confirmation from us. Please fill in the form you can find on the Outside elevator rentals request form page.